Fethiyecan Dialysis Center started to serve our patients with end-stage renal failure on April 25, 2007 in Fethiye with its 9 + 1 machine capacity.

   Acting on the principle of using quality materials and providing quality service in dialysis service, Fethiyecan Dialysis Center has reached 15 + 1 machine capacity in the same year and 19 + 1 machine capacity in January 2008 with the interest and kindness it has received.

   Our center, which has been serving in a large and spacious dialysis room in its new building since 01 March 2014, adopts the principle of "health is first" by choosing good materials and without decreasing the quality. And it serves patients and visitors from not only all around of Turkey but also a lot of countries in Europe and the World with 34+1 machine capacity.

   In our center, 4008 S Fresenius brand hemodialysis machines and dialyzers, needles and sets of Fresenius are used.

   Number of Machines: 34 + 1 (spare)